Sunday, February 10, 2008

guys wear ugg boots?! fuck mee

Another great weekend!

I'm so tired, and the first sentence of this wasent entirely true. It just feels as so because I am currently in a salsa dance studio watching my bestfriend cat walk, because she has just recently blossomed into a runway model for Midwest fashion. I'm sitting here as a spectator, which I love to do. I love to watch things no matter how slow or fast they may be. I love sitting here viewing all these girls and boys and and imagine where they'll be in 7 years. Or judge their destinations. Its easy to see who is really here for modeling and who is here to please their parents, who really enjoys the attention and impressing the boys or really wants to model the clothing and make a career out of this.

It is the end of of lovely weekend(redundant dundancy), sitting here has given me the time to think and reminds me of the 7 years I was in ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, and dance. Then I became a cheerleader and it all went to shit. Fuck my life.

I got my new car lastnight, it smells like febreeze auto and came with a free bag of make-up? Its a 2000 sl1 and only has 21,000 miles on it. Technically, I believe that's called a steal. That's the feeling I got atleast. Haha. I drove it around lousiville for a while after picking it up and got a bits and pieces shake. But told the girl to make it into a malt.. It took her like a good 40 mintutes, so I got it free. It was nice. Things like that never happen to me. I was about due.

Right now I just want to go back to Paulina's and watch fever pitch. Oh, and teleport to the east coast. Plz & thx


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