Wednesday, February 27, 2008

im your puppet, I'll learn to love it

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In the intensity of the times i'm living I would like to tell you that I love you, but that would be wrong and out of line. Why when it comes down to it does mind rule over heart. Its an unwritten law that we live by, formally, the ways of the social norms. If I were to act out and break all the rules for you, there is still the chance that it wouldn't even make an impact on your emotions. Which is why I will secretly keep to myself.

I am over the past month, given the fact that it is in the past. For a lack of better words, I'm going to say that all the days i've been depressed in the past month will be made up in the next week. And the series of events coming up should be proper preperation for this summer. Cruel hand and mongos this Friday in evansville. March 7th Daniel tosh with Abby, Kyle, and Ferg. Then steel nation in downtown indy. I can't wait to see Patrick Woo! March 27th cruise to the Bahamas and universal studios in FL for a day. Then prom at the begining of April with Kyle as my date.

Exact change is the story of my life. Just saying

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