Sunday, February 24, 2008

out and about, the extreme kind

This weekend was quite the adventure. Its been a while since I've had a weekend without the pressure of pitching in money for gas, trying to find something to tame boredom, felt bad about the distribution of my presence, or been stress about something that went wrong. This weekend was simply a brick that fell into place.

As to the recovery of my arm.. The status of it now is that half way down my forearm and entire ditch of my arm is purple and blue. Its disgusting looking, and looks like I was severely beaten.

This weekend my plan was to make a trip down to bloomington to hangout with Tim and Beth, but that didn't work out because I wasent able to drive considering the condition of my arm. Its slightly unbendable.

So lastnight paulina comes to get me from greenwood. The night recapped in a shell is as follows:

1) drive all the way back to carmel
2) picking up Levi, Terry, Alex, and Ben.
3) 3 consecutive parties back to back, with mostly lame people.
4) everyone else watching porn while Terry and I have intelligent conversation about world conspiracy and politics.
5) late night ihop, and free pancakes.
6) no sleep until 7am, and cuddling on a couch with Paulina. Wooo for 3 hours of sleep.
7) Helen Keller jokes with Levi and resurfacing how stupid my old jokes used to be.
8) going to paulina's modeling bullshit and feeling malnurished.

I'm pretty down with this weekend. Not down with the amount of time that I don't have to do anything.

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