Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tell it to me Thursday: once again we say our collective goodbyes

I just donated blood. It ruled at first, cos I got the most awesome dude who pricked my finger. He likes crowbar and looked like a dude that should be fishing in FL with huge blonde curly hair. We were talking about how he has the same name as my dad and laughing about all the stupid shit we've done in our life Then I went to give blood and got a fucking hemotoma. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is where the needle stabs through your vein and you get a big clot of internal bleeding and your arm bruises and it hurts something awful. Fuck my life. Although, I did get the coolest lady named Deb who drew my blood and Kyle came from the journal to take pictures of me like a dorkus. I now feel semi woozey.. Mehh

While I was sitting there giving blood my mind started to wander like it usually does, and I started thinking about what type of car I would be if I were infact a car, and what type of dog I would be if I were a dog. I decided upon being an all black 07 volkswagon jetta with leather interior. I thought it was a nice fit. as for puppy I proposed a lakeshire terrier to myself and totally loled, and decided that it will be the dog I get when I move out. Granted that I asked myself these questions 1) to myself 2) while I was getting blood drawn 3) on an empty stomach might effect the answers and make them illegitimate. Plus I am bias and would choose things that I find attactive. For all I know I could be a 1988 Chevy pickup truck and mastiff pitbull mix.. Its a dog eat dog world.

I love it that now one of my "special occasion treats" has now become habit. I have a little bag of lindt truffles in a lovely assortment sitting on my night stand, and I used to take one and eat it while I walked around in the cold. Now, I just eat them when I'm laying in bed on the phone or doing homework. Let's just say I'm going to have my current goal be "to my health" but, don't quote me on that.

I also realized that no one in my immediate social circle is that same, we're all different. Extrememly different for that matter, and it doesn't seem to ever matter when we're together. For this I am compelled to find out what actually draws us all together as such great friends.

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