Sunday, February 3, 2008

"big words like kudos and currently"

I'm going to skip all the time from my last post and just recap my weekend, because the week was generally boring and pretty much the ush.

Friday, February 1st

I went to visit Kyle for a while since he was sick, we had pizza and brownies.. He managed to choke them down and then I get a call from Paulina while we're watching southpark saying she's already at my house a good 30 minutes early, so I leave Kyle and go meet up with her.

We head down to bloomington getting there only a nice hour late. IU parties have never proven up to there standards until this one. Tim and Beth are now my new favorite couple and put on a nice party.

We got there and had to go to her sisters friends house first for some reason, but I didn't mind. I was just my usual bitch self. I walked in the room and it immediately hit me, I took a few magnets from the fridge because the had quotes from the office on them, and messed with the ipod and played music they probably hated. But, I mean I walked in and loled because the first thing I saw was a bunch of cowboys playing beer pong and a mom watching them.

Then we head to Tim smiley's and beth's party. First of all I had the best peach of my life right when I got there, I dripped it all over my cowboy boots. Then I did my rounds to meet everyone I didn't know, there was CAM- argyole sweater, PAUL- paulina's new beatfriend because they have the "same name", JOHN- the missing roommate from lastime, and DREW- the boy who likes my music taste and was at the last party I went to at IU.

Beth and I decided to go on a walk and stopped by village pantry to pick up drinks, I got 2 java monsters, and she got energy drinks for herself. We were on our way back and we say down so she could have a smoke, at this point we were deep in conversation and I remember thinking in my head "this is the best heart to heart I've ever had in my life." I didn't even care how hard the wind was hitting my face, or how numb my legs were.. I just kept talking and so did she.

When we got back we discovered that Paulina had taken like 11 more shots and was holding paul's hand walking around outside. i went back inside and started controling the ipod, this is where I got complimented on my music taste and became the DJ of the night. Lololol

The best song I played out of randomness was probably: fastball- the way. Big lol

Then the party started getting bigger and more people started showing up, and Paulina was acting ridic, she didn't think she was drunk at all but was like over the top, she kept doing crazy things and then tried to go out to her car, this was the highlight of my night. It took her 50 minutes to get out to her car and back with 3 people helping her. I was laughing the whole time.

Most of the people were gone by 3am and I took care of Paulina with john, she wasent making any sense and it was sorta funny, she would lay in bed and repeat statements like a broken record. I was in the room so long with both of them that I ended up spilling my life story to john, and then Tim came in so he got half of my life story. After that I went and crashed in bed with Beth.

Saturday, February 2nd

I woke up and Beth said I should just stay in IU with her. I went to check on paulina and scared her awake by saying that her mom was calling her, she got up and there was a huge wet spot on the bed where she was laying, I almost died laughing. There was blue throw up in her hair too. So she took a shower at Tim's while Beth and I went to her dorm to get paulz a change of clothes. When we got there her friend Chris came outside, and was still drunk from the night before and was telling us a s story about how he jumped on a moving train while he was drunk and the shimmyed between two carts. He was also talking to us about how his scholarship meeting was at 10am and it was 9:45. He was so hilarious.

I drove her car back to my house as she ate tacobell. She bought 2 soft tacos with only lettuce and tomato and I side of guacomole. Lolol, I set the cruise control on 69 the whole way home, more lols. Sawdust didn't leave the stereo most of the way home.

Then when I got home I got ready to go out with Kyle and his mom for the day. We went to see "there will be blood" at the imax, it was pretty crazy. I liked it but I'm not really sure why, I love Daniel day Lewis, and he did great acting in this movie. I wouldn't necessarly recommend it to anyone only because the cons overwhelm the pros. I'm still a fan though.

Then we went to pf changs, and I got sweet crispy chicken on these crunchy noodle things and Kyle got chang's spicy chicken, we shared. It was cute.

I went home and literally passed out. I don't even remember coming home now that I think about it.

Today, Sunday, Feb 3rd

Well today is our superbowl party, I am totally ready for 20+ people in my house, 300 wings, and Kristen possibly driving her red bull car to drop off free energy drinks at my party. I'm hoping that the pats win, like totally hoping. I will be extatic.

Person 1: Who do you think will win the Superbowl?
Person 2: What's that? Oh, those men running in between the commercials?

Currently listening to animal collective while laying in bed, I'm getting the most fucked up feeling from this so I'm going to stop. Sorry for any typos or random words, I'm half asleep right now.

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