Sunday, March 2, 2008

"you have the political know how of a blueberry scone."

This was one of those weekends that sucked me in and pulled me under. Not to mention amazing and spectacular, but mostly crazy and non-stop.

Friday, February 29th

This was the easily the best day of my weekend. Paulina and myself went to evansville right afterschool to catch the cruelhand and the mongoloids show.the entire way there we went 80 mph while blaring M.I.A. Also on the way there we were driving past a mini van that had a bumper sticker that said in pink writing "save the ta-ta's. I guessed it was a breast cancer awareness type of thing, and was like 'that sticker rules!' Until we pulled up and saw a 60 year old man driving. Major lolz.

When we got there we were somewhat early, even though it was 8 PM due to the time difference. When cruelhand and the mongos arrived it was like instantly a good time. I'm not really sure why, but they all were acting like homosexuals, and Indians. Chris taught me how to tango. We pasted out fiji waters to half of cruelhand and cheeze-its where the nights snack of choice(45% reduced fat, lolz).

The mongoloids set was absolutely mind blowing, for having so many fill in members this time around. They did great. Cruelhands set was equally as good, I wasent as impressed with their set until the sweet cromags- world peace cover. So many stagedives and pile ups. I got an amazing mongos shirt as well. After the show it was told that we were going to be staying at some kid from the band grimewars mansion, but that ended up not being the plan and the kid bought us a hotel room because he felt bad. It was about 2 hours north of evansville and right outside of Louisville. On the way there cam and Chris rode in the car with paulina and I, and the rest of the band rode in the van. We had a firework shooting party. They were shooting at the car while we were going 80 mph on a deserted highway. It was amazing though. We followed them to these backroads of the highway and then shot off fireworks in the country sky. The sky was beautiful, and I felt like i could see every star ever. They shot off a Roman candle super close to the van and we all instantly ran for cover and ended up in various spots on the field and road. I ended up in the van with mike and Greg where mikey Steinborn was delivering messages to me from Boston via mikes sidekick who was in the van, such as: "chocolate cake sucks, funfetti rules." I responded with: "chocolate for life. I wouldn't wipe my ass with funfetti."

The night was a blast, even the no sleep until 4 in the AM part. Chris sang to me in Spanish on the way to the hotel. Then in a hick voice. Best leap day of my life!

Saturday, March 1st

We woke up early enough to enjoy the free hotel breakfast and get home by 12, because I had to be at IUPUI for the open house. I think I might stay here for a while instead of going to Boston, but I like the idea of leaving so much. Of course, I could just do the study abroad program and go to Greece and australia for semesters at a time. I rode on the people mover for a while and reflected on life, just thinking away and thinking of where I will be 15 years from now. I got invited to go on tour this summer while I was on the people mover and I think I'm going to take up the offer. How could I not? I love traveling more than anyone I know.

This weekend was full of malnutrition, late nights, no sleep, no money, 10 hours of driving, funny new friends, and getting lost in the music. Thankyou life for the payback.

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