Sunday, March 9, 2008

you'd be well inclined not to mess with me.

I'm alive. After this hectic weekend of catching up, and memories added onto my glory days.

Friday, March 7th

I went to see Daniel Tosh, with Kyle, Abby, and Ferg. It was one of those amazing experiences that you don't get siked about until you're actually in the ballroom waiting for the show to start. Exept for Abby, she was extatic a full week before. But, the opening act was a kid named Matt for from cali, he was like my dream guy. Lolz. Then I fell asleep on kyles arm on the way home from the comedy show and I constantly caught myself waking up, locking into his innocent eyes, and occasionally watching him look out the window at the snow falling. I've always been good at social interaction, but Kyle has hightened this to new levels. I've never been so in tune with someone in my entire life. the concepts I'm learning as well as understanding his point of view are so interesting to me, we're completely different, but so alike at the same time. I'm so lucky.

Saturday, March 8th

I texted more people on this day, than the average of my month. I am a texting guru, for those of you who know me will agree. I mean, I have a blackberry for god's sake. I listened to mewithoutyou the entire day. brother, sister is officially the CD of my life next to sawdust. It just so happened to be my mothers birthday, so we all went to broadripple to try ambrosia's, which is a little Italian restraunt right around the corner from where I used to play wiffle ball over the summer with all the broadripple dudes at a 4 way stop. The menu's were actually in Italian; this excited me. Tasty wierd things were ordered and enjoyed. I decided upon spinach ravioli, a side of spaghetti, and field greens. It was delicious. Christ, I love broadripple. After that my parents and I headed over to kyles house, he wasent there, seeing as how he made finals at the speech meet and didn't even want to. LOLZ

Today/Sunday, March, 10th

I made my mom a lovely necklace made of faux jade beads and made my whole family dinner(this includes my extended family, which comes to the total of about 12 people). I finally did laundry, not that I am ever short of clothes but all my favorite clothes were unwearable. I also got a facial and pedicure earlier in the day. It was nice and relaxing, I got a french pedicure since its almost summer and our cruise is less than 20 days away. Siked for spring break 08'. I can't wait to be jet skiing around the ocean of the Bahama's and legally being able to waltz into clubs and walk into casinos legally. Jet skiing will be the ultimate though, I will skirt around it a bit, maybe to catch brilliance in its periphery, and leave all the blank spots of the glorious day to fill themselves in only with the imagination of those who dare to come with me. I'm sure no one will be brave enough to go as far out as I plan to. I want to hear music in my eyes and feel as if I am about to be consumed in a wave, or flip over and somehow not care. I don't want to drift, I want to engulf all fear. I'm going out past the sharks. Past the 50 ft to bottom. Just to the broken, open, Sea. The ocean is simply my favorite thing.


Not as easy as you might think.

1. Where is your cell phone? Hands

2. Your significant other? Greencastle

3.Your hair? Curlies

4. Your mother? Birthday

5. Your father? Kentucky

6. Your favorite thing? Music

7. Your dream last night? Wolf

8. Your favorite drink? Juices

9. Your dream/goal? ALL

10. The room you're in? Mine

11. Your ex? Ughh

12. Your fear? Future

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Eastcoast

14. Where were you last night? Broadripple

15. What you're not? Hungry

16. Muffins? Blueberry

17. One of your wish list items? Sundresses

18. Where you grew up? Texas

19. The last thing you did? Cleaned

20. What are you wearing? H&M

21. Your TV? Huge

22. Your pet(s)? Rilo

23. Your computer? Laptop

24. Your life? Movie-ish

25. Your mood? Relaxed
26. Missing someone? Paulina

27. Your car? SL1

28. Something you're not wearing? Socks

29. Favorite Store? Forever21

30. Your upcoming summer? T-R-A-V-E-L-I-N-G

31. Love someone? Absolutely

32. You favorite color? Purple

33. When is the last time you laughed? Morning

34. Last time you cried? Dunno

35. Who will/would repost this? Beats

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