Sunday, March 30, 2008

setting sail

I recorded my trip down to FL in a notebook since up until this point I've be trying to waste as much time as I possibly could.

Friday, March 28

It has begun, 7:50

Thank god for Jared, he has managed to keep me sane for a majority of this trip so far. This is the first time I've forcably had to been in a car with Tim as the driver. Let's just say i'd rather go play with thumb tacks. I've been able to bite my tongue, solely on the fact that today is Tim's birthday. Not that he's already annoying enough.. But, today he HAS to be right about EVERYTHING. If I hear one more of his lame high school stories about how cool he USED to be, or Jill blaring another rap song loud enough for the whole car to hear I think I may hurl. Maybe it would be a wise investment to pick up a paper sack at the next convinence store.

Edit: 9:45PM

Just left the convience store, needless to say, no barf bags. I did manage to piss my mom by being in front of her in line for the restroom and acting like a spoiled brat, and not listening to her "only water in the car" rule. All the people in line probably figured that Jill and I were huge snobs. She said she was going to jump off the side of the cruise ship and that my mom "brought it on herself" for not letting us get vitamin waters. She did anyways, but I still got a fiji. As I was walking out of the restroom I looked at my mom and said "it smells like aids in there, be careful." the lady behind her laughed.

I am on 4 tbsp of cough syrup, so I'm peacing out.

Saturday, March, 29

Last day on the road, 10:45AM

This morning I woke up at 8 in the AM to shower before everyone else. It was nice, I used all the conditioner. Now my hair smells like orange tea. It stormed all night when I was asleep, so when we walked out of the hotel it smelt like fresh rain and all the white blossoms on the trees were full and amazing. That was my cue to send everyone a text that said "welcome to Atlanta where the players play!" lolz. We had breakfast at a random waffle house, how appropriate for ATL. I got a BLT and hashbrowns.. Still appropriate. Our waitress said it was her birthday, so I wished her a happy birthday. Who would work on their birthday though? I guess you'd get hella tips.

When we we're sitting at the table Jill said that "sleeping with Danielle was like cuddling with a horse" because of her legs. I couldn't swallow my chocolate milk to that. We made good on the laughs at breakfast, here in GA all the billboards are twice as tall and it smells like the dirty south. Thank god it is no longer Tim's birthday.

Edit: 2:30PM

We just left a little hole in the wall bbq restraunt in southern, GA. Its like a different world here, no one gives a shit about anything and its just like the appeal that the movies give off. We had the cutest waiter, he was a total push over and my sister and I were crashing jokes so harsh on him. I laughed so hard that sweet tea came out of my nose and my year ducts involuntarily started watering. I got a good documentation of this place,sooo many hilarious pictures.

It's 83 degrees here and we're all down to our tank tops with the windows down. Praise flavored propel water, smart phones, ipods, sunglasses, and victorias secret shorts being so damn comfortable.

Today, Sunday, March 30

Boarding today, 9:26AM

In about 4 hours I will be on the cruise ship on my way to the Bahamas. I smell like a giant pineapple and Orlando is beautiful right now. Wish me safe travels! I'm going on a walk, since its so lovely here.

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