Monday, March 24, 2008

come circumference, come circumstance.

Summertime life:

1) Test drive a car, with no intention to buy it.
2) skinny dip in someone elses pool.
3) get the cutest shoes ever
4) go to cali, and rage at s&f
5) go on as many roadtrips as I can
6) go on a church retreat
7) make a huge breakfast
8) wake up and not care about anything for a whole day
9) make a friend from a different country, minus James, and preferably Indian
10) not sleep for 2 days, and stay awake on javamonsters.
11) ride my bike, everyother day.
12) have a picnic in a random field 45 minutes north of indy. Preferably knightstown or the bridge under the highway in speedway.
13) shoot fireworks off the billboard by kyles house.
14) not go home for a week and if needed live in my car.
15) stay in Boston for 2 wks.

This Sunday was the first Sunday in my life that I've ever driven myself to church. By all means, I am not complaining. Something happened to me Friday night and I'm not really sure what; but I am not ashamed. I cannot deny it. I was saved, and I am getting baptised as soon as I can. I've never been happier in my life. I said a praire over the Easter brunch yesterday for the family, I gave money in the offerring, I honestly understood the pure meaning of Easter. I'm not meaning to rant, but I will not boast of anything but the cross of Jesus Christ, and my new found love of life. I've never been more proud of a personal choice that I made. I'm starting to do things that I used to look down on, and be a person I used to turn my nose up to. Now, I am Leann. No better than you, i'm making so many new friends to stick by mr on this new venture I have begun for myself.

Yesterday, for Easter I got: a new camera, tons of chocolate, nike goggles and a jansport beach tote bag, two $25 gift cards, and a new sundress for the cruise.

I can't wait. This Friday I will be officially on my way to the Bahamas/British isles. Then my mother told me lastnight that for graduation she will send me anywhere in the United States, round trip for two weeks this summer. That also made me even more anxious for it to get here.

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