Thursday, March 20, 2008

i love jazz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The similar stance in us makes me sick sometimes, grow a personality. Or detach yourself from my life. I know we are suppose to have common interests. Its gotten a little heighten for my taste.


Happy first day of spring, fellas and ladies. Hell yeah! For the vernal equinox, but boo on my car having frost on it this morning. What a disappointment. Yuck


As to prior goals in my life, they've changed. I'm really done. My new life goals are as follows:

1) go with the flow. Always.
2) being a huge fuck up, but still keeping my friends.
3) getting struck by lightening and living.
4) then winning the lottery, because chances of getting struck by lightening twice is less than winning the lottery.
5) then writing a book, and having hella people buy it solely on the fact that I was struck by lightening and won the lottery.


John has just informed me that his birthday gig this weekend is now officially a naked bash. Gag

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