Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bad dreams bad dreams bad dreams

I've been blogging silently. With invisible keystrokes.

Yeah, that's it.

My laptop is broken, and I'm considering sending it off into the nethers of Craigslist to become somebody else's problem. A new one is on its way, with the help of my lovely grandparents for college and the refurbished stock on the Apple Store. Yay. Maybe that'll kickstart blogging motivation with ease of posting. I've been doing lots of other things...writing, studying, enjoying my awesome friends, cooking, "adventuring" with Kyle (in all aspects of life, and according to my fortune), reading, grad party shopping (tiki theme is where its at).

What are you doing reading this blog? There's a whole world out there. Its sunny and filled with delightful things... To explore, to invent, to try, scantily clad women, all-clad men, wayward ideas, pointless but amusing activities, worthwhile experiences, and lots of other mismatch adjectives, nouns and verbs. Go string some together and come back when you're too tired and the internet is your last resort. Or stick around too. I may actually write something of substance one day soon..

But, I'm not into the idea of leaving you hanging so I will fill you in on my current barrier of life. I'm starting school in August and forceably am being moved out of my lovely house and pumpkin smelling, yellow room. Although, this might not be the case if FAFSA doesn't cover room and board for me. Cross your fingers with me. I don't want to work full time. I have been working super hard, brainstorming daily, and thinking of every possible option for my senior activity day's group theme. The list thus far is:

- flower bed (this includes vegetables)
- boats
- decades
- Crayons
- hippies
- and most likely the winner, 50's track team. Lolz

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