Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leann is so FTW

I was driving down the road today after work. As vulgar as this sounds, I saw a dead animal on the side of the street and started to think about how everyones life at some point gets fucked over/up/royally. I'm just happy that mine is happening sooner rather than later. I will get revenge on the queer who called the police on me, I will. I know revenge is never a good thing, but it is always undeniably sweet.

I mean, on one side there is me, a little rich, white girl, with a great life ahead of her. Good friends, the perfect boyfriend.

Then on the other side there is me, a soon-to-be convicted felon, self-destructive, bad girl for life. Seriously, something should feel wrong right now. Shouldn't it? I guess I'm just so numb from the past 2 days that all I can do is worry about what will unfurl in the next month to come. God help me.

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JAMESON said...

the other day i saw a dead duck on the road. there was another duck that was biting its neck trying to pick it up. it seemed as if the duck was very upset and wouldnt leave the duck. it was really sad to me. the cool thing is that there was a cop who stopped in front of them directing traffic.