Sunday, April 13, 2008

fake nails, & a can of hair spray

this weekend was definitely one for the books.

Friday. April 10. 08

after days and days of trying to get ahold of Kristin, and thinking that she could very possible be reported as a missing person she texts me basically explaining that she had been in "the slammer". Apparently she was in a holding cell with a young woman who was convicted for murdering her daughter. The only reason Kristin was in there in the first place was some bullshit reason like: she violated some rule of not telling authorities that she was moving into an apartment by herself after thirty days of getting off of some form of warning shit. i have no idea. im just happpy that she's alive and that i get to see her this weekend. After finding out that one of my bestfriends is still alive i drive over to Plainfield to get Marcie. When she hops in the car she goes "i have a suprise for you." It was the kills- ura fever burnt 17 times onto one CD. Id died laughing. We head to IU because of little 5 (the biggest party weekend of the year in Bloomington). You have no idea how many funny moments i was involved in. I sware to god, Kieth is like the missing character to the office. He was walking around in purple boxer briefs and a black v-neck t-shirt the next morning with a hangover, and Marcie and I start cracking up. He followed with the response of "Dont laugh. John has the same undies." hahahha! Then i laid in bed with Beth and laughed about all of the stupid shit we did the night before. There were tons of annoying people at the party(ies) but, I managed to have a damn good time. I was once again the entire night picking out sick jams for people to jam to. Tim liked my music choice and periodically would start screaming the lyrics in my face and start jumping on the couches. Bummer that i got no pictures of this amazing night.

Saturday. April 11. 08

I leave Bloomington a little late and miss my hair apointment, so I managed to find alternate ways to get my hair to look extremely presentable, hence the "can of hairspray" in the title. There will be pictures added later. I looked like a well polished princess when i was completely done preparing for prommmmmm. Totally didnt think that i was going to look as stunning as i actually did. I drove to Kyle's to take pictures with Jimmy and Abby, this proceeded as everyone thought of every, single, possible way to take a picture and all combinations included. My mouth was unable to smile after this session had finished. We drove to PF changs and on the walk down the mall hallways to get there i got about 19 "daaaaamn"s from numerous black dudes. Kyle claimed that they were talking to him because he looked so sexy. LOL. The best part of the meal was the sm'ores in a shot glass for dessert and my fortune which reitteraded was something along the lines of "you will have many pleasureable jouneys and adventures to come." translated to: "you're getting some tonight and its going to be amazing." lets just say that i now believe in fortune cookie fortunes. Once we arrived to the prom itself, i was slightly dissappointed, just like last year. Until the first time that Kyle and I slow danced and it all was so surreal and i forgot about everyone around us. Abby and I also slow danced, and everyone laughed. Needless to say, Kyle did not win prom king. He'll always be my prom king though. We left a half an hour early and listened to sufjan stevens in his back seat.
After prom was hilarious, I got my palm read. Kyle and I boxed which resulted in me flying against the back of the wall and getting my helmet knocked off. I ate my body weight in food and Bailey and I said "hello __" to everything all night. Example: (Bailey and Leann are getting food) Leann: "hello, chocolate covered strawberries." Bailey: "hello, chicken fingers." Ryen gave my his ipod shuffle and I didnt even ask for it. The night was just all so perfect.

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