Thursday, April 10, 2008

eyes like a casino, i aint born typical. I'm a fever.

Currently listening to: the kills- ura fever

Not to be trashy or anything, but being added into the life goals is to have sex to the song I am currently listening to.

Teh jams of now:

- looking back on middle school
- Bailey Marie Trent, and the fact that we have the same middle name.
- talking to the ladies at regency and how siked they are about me! Mmmme ME me me
- being nicknamed the toothfairy. You will never understand the initial feeling. Mad lol
- my prom dress
- my prom dress being the last in my size
- the fact that I saved Kyle $130+. He loves me
- comeback kid lyrics. No shame
- spending $300 on 2 outfits and not feeling bad about it.
- v-neck shirts, not wearing underwear or bras
- walking barefoot to catch fireflies
- being in broadripple. Always
- talking to kristin, Rachel, Bailey, and Marcie about sex. Not trashy. LOL
- late night text sessions
- my dresser overflowing with luxurious make-up and jewelery
- Bahamas withdraws

All in a week.

Today I convinced Ethan that "I'm stuck to you like a band-aid ." is a cute line for a poem that I was helping him write for I'm girlfriend.

Today I also discovered how fucking ready I am to start my life. Outside of this drama, with a more grown up appeal. Yesterday I ran into my old friend Allison, she is graduated from Roncalli and is going into the navy. I guess I could see it coming, the types of people we are shape our future. I couldn't be more proud of her, and the person I am. A lyrical minded, free soul, who just wants to showcase the world with her eyes. My appetite is so huge for something more than the settled mainstream idea of graduation and life afterschool. I'll see you all on the news. Enjoy your lives. On with mine.

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