Friday, January 4, 2008

"balls, your just like ichabod crane"

since I haven't really had the chance to make this thing until now I just decided I'm going to lump an entire vacation together.

I left for Texas on the 27th of December to go see my friends and family for the new year, which ruled because indy has been gay as aids and freezing cold. On the way there my flight oversold so I got bumped up to first class. Nothing like listening to fiest and the beetles and eating in an double-sized chair for free. Free is always good. So I was super exited, but it turns out when I got there nothing had been planned for us to do, so I sat around and entire 3 days wasting away listening to the 3 cds I brought: new Britney spears, arctic monkeys, and blacklisted. This was the epitome of lame, worst vacation ever

Although new years eve I was suppose to go to san Antonio with jenn and Michelle for the riverwalk party, that didn't happen and instead I made pomagrante smoothies and played hide and seek in the dark with everyone else in the house. They were all drunk, it was a semi good time.

So its the 1st when I fly home and I'm hoping that 2k8 can turn around and be decent. No, I hoped for too much. My luggage didn't get put on my airplane and was lost somewhere in America until yesterday.

I never can seem to make good decisions, well to anyone else atleast. Which leads into the reason I missed my first day of my last semester of my highschool life. (note the words last day and highschool in the same sentence and how nice it sounds). The day before yesterday Paulina and I decided to take a roadtrip to tenn to see dtn, have heart, I rise and wake up call. On the way there we were so proud that we were going to actually make it on time and when we got there realized that Nashville is an hour earlier than indy time and got to the venue way early. There was nothing around exept an "adult gift shop" and being bored as shit decided to hit it up. When we got in there we realized we weren't the only ones who had arrived to the show early and there were about 12 dudes in the store watching us walk in. As if it wasent akward enough that there were make your own dildo kits and just feet from me. I'm going to say the show was an A+ exept for hh's set, which was an A++. I was balancing on a garbage can and hanging from the ceiling at the same time during their set by the stage and barely avoiding the mosh. And in turn fell into the garbage can and ruined my vans

During wake up call Jeff, nicky, and I went to the open shop and I bought them a dildo to play with, but Greg later that night got more enjoyment out of it taking fake nudes. I put it in its seatbelt and nick grabbed it out and chased 2 girls into an airport while waving it in the air.

We had a rager at the hotel later that night and there was plenty of non-alchoholic beer left over from new years and we had fun with that.. And the dildo. How an entire room can be siked on drinking fake beer is still beyond me. At some point Alex said "balls(Paulina), you are just like ichabod crane". We both laughed. and It was wild times and on the way home Paulina and I filled in the letters GSFL with random words while I was missing my first day back to school.

Wooo. Now I'm sick, and have a polaroid of myself floating somewhere that should have never been out of my hands. Thankyou Paulina

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