Friday, January 11, 2008

"Jill's not even acting like a real person right now, shes acting like a monster."

Lately, I've been finding it hard to sleep. I feel asleep at 8 lastnight and woke up at 3. Which is the shittiest hour to wake up ever, especially when you can't fall back asleep. So today I get a text from Paulina that says: "you know your in love when you can't fall asleep, because your reality is better than your dreams." some quote by Dr. Suess or some shit. Maybe I really do love my life.. Who knows? Lol

In my creative writing class we were suppose to make up a character to write about, so being lame as shit I throughly design my dream dude. If you know me at all you already know how he turns out, and of course will never exist. So now, I'm in love with someone who doesn't exist. Awesome. It sucks even more because I mean, I have to write about his life and how perfect he is.

On another note, apparently my friend Alii works with my old friend Liz who I haven't talked to in about 2 years. Somehow my name gets brought up and they end up realizing they both know me.. Which rules because I love Liz and its nice that I know she's still alive. Only she's alive with a kid and hair half way down her back.

indianapolis is still lame, and I still can't wait to leave. I think I'm going to IUPUI with Marcie for a semester though, only because she's letting me live with her for free. Although the daily music selection she would provide at home and seeing sadie on a daily basis would be totally pleasing enough. Then I'm transfering out. I can't wait to live on the east coast. I can't wait to live my ideal life. I think its fate that in the airport I ended up sitting next to a lady who used to work at Clark, and she and he husband both graduated there. It can't be much more 'in my face' than that. Espec since Clark isn't that huge

Paulina and I are going to erie next weekend, I'm pretty pumped on that. No taxes and free everything for 3 days is never a bad thing. We're taking my moms new car. First of all, its a load of shit that my mom just got a new car when I'm in desperate need of a car since I got rearended last month. Secondly, its an even bigger load of shit that its the car I wanted. An 08 accord. Wooo mommies! And wooo erie!

I decided that this wkend I'm going to do nothing or say nothing to the world. Just paint and write.AND NOoO0o. This is not an indie 360. I really felt like I needed it, and there was no better time than today. its going perfect, exept that I had to tell Kyle about my upcoming trip to the Bahamas and invite him to go erie. I'm totally stoked on the Bahamas, and the fact that we chose carnival. Its totally a party ship and I'm aloud in the night clubs.

When I return I want to officially be referred to as sailor girl, plz and thx!

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