Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've had too many 'longest weekends of my life'.

Friday, January 18th

Kyle, my mom, and I went to Friday's to hit up that 3-course meal thing for 12.99. I knew before we got there that we were going to have to wait for a spot in line, and so was planning on going to see Lieta in my head. We only had to wait 20 minutes which wasent bad for the dinner rush so we all went to look at this sunglasses stand and I tried to get my mom to buy me these hilarious faux dolce and gabanna sunglasses. It didn't happen, needless to say. We also hit up this store that is closing down, I mean I can see why.. All the place sold was lame pictures and paintings. I saw a Mexican salsa picture and told my mom she should get It for her room. She loled.

So were heading back and my mom stops off in victorias secret. Kyle and I leave her and get there right as they're flashing our number. We get our drinks before everyone else and I get this strawberry banana smoothie of epic proportions. I must say, the Fridays thing was a good idea, and I actually ate everything.

So my mom decides she's too full to go to the movies, so we run by kyles house to get this movie called 'joshua'. You'd be well advised never to watch this movie. Its very fucked up and my mom after if was finished said 'I think I'm going to barf.' And went to bed. Hahah

Saturday, January 19

I woke up early and went out to breakfast at flap jacks with my grandma, sister, and mother. I had the best crepes of my life. This is a legitament statement, because I ate them in 2 minutes time and wasent even that hungry. Then we all went shopping. Oh, this is the glorious list of my items in my drobe:

1. Coach belt, white canvas and light brown leather.
2. New purse. Relic and dark leather.
3. New purple pumps, and matching purple scarf.
4. About 3 around the waist 2 centimeter belts for my dresses and long shirts.
5. A pair of vintage ray ban sunglasses.

Then I went home and got ready for girls night. Paulina and Marcie showed up early to help me get ready. We managed to snag $80 worth of polaroid film and $40 worth of food and baking goods. Only paying for 1/5 of it. Lol

Later on in the night there was a ton of girls at my house, most of them drunk and some annoying. Paulina ends up getting totally hammered and blows her nose I'm my hair while crying. She's lucky I love her. She also chased me around my house and shoved pizza down my pants. Once again, she's lucky were such good friends. Lol

Pictures are on the internetz, but you must find them yourself. Hahaha

Sunday January, 20

Everyone left except for Marcie and sadie from girls night. Marcie died my hair, so now its all one color. Its light golden brown. Like brown sugar. (note this would be a great profile name for my account on www.blackplanet.com, If I had one. Lolz) so Kyle comes over after Marcie finally leaves and we start TV and eating oreo cookie cake. I'm half way through 40 year old virgin and my land line starts ringing. Its Paulina and she's freaking out, she has a pair of shoes on hold at aldos and realized that the mall if going to close in an hour and can't get down in time from carmel. So makes me and Kyle go pick them up for her. We ended up getting a giant smoothie to get myself less frustrated. We then get ready at my house and Paulina, Michelle, and me head to IU to party. We meet up with Marcie, Beth, and Jon at noodles. I told the girl to suprise me with pad thai or Japanese pan noodles. She gave me Japanese pan noodles. It was a good choice.

So we all went to Tim smiley's. John, Marcie, Paulina, Michelle and myself were just watching TV. Later that night we ended up at a party where I met mj, I'm in love with him. I just want him to be my bestfriend. Having a gay bestfriend with a good fashion sense would make my life. I only knew life 7 people total so I decided to leave Paulina, Beth, and Marcie to play beer pong and hangout with John. It was a semi lame night in general.

Monday, January, 21

I went to work and it was the most bullshit day of work that I've ever given them. I feel sorta bad. I talked to nicky most of the day to pass the time, I loled a bunch. Thx nicky. I went out to Chinese with my sisters and the whole time we just ripped on my mom falling down the stairs and how good I used to be at softball. More lols.

New CD of my life:
The killers- sawdust

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