Monday, January 7, 2008

its getting harder to give a shit

My life as of recent:

1. I found my dead black demo, so stoked on that.
2. I missed a lot of college deadlines and had no idea. Awesome.
3. My iPod is working again. Who knew they fixed themselves?
4. Lastnight we celebrated my little sisters birthday and I got 250 dollars out of the deal. Always down for money.
5. My license is not suspended. So now I get my bug. Wooo!
6. I decided I'm going to be a phsyciatrist. Yesterday, lolz.
7. I'm going to puerto Rico over spring break. Fuck my life.
8. I recently calculated all of the money I have accumulated or received in other ways illegally in 07 and it reached about $5000+ Jeez right?

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