Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Batman did not kill heath ledger!

Okay, yesterday was horrible. I'm guessing that since I had such a great weekend that yesterday had to be devistating as shit. Its on page 158 in the 'rule book of life', and pg 269 in the 'guide to life for dummies'.

This whole heath ledger think is just unreal. I was so in love with him, I always told everyone that he would be the perfect man if he had dark hair. And if you scroll down 3 entries you will notice that his name is mentioned again, this was before his death. Fuck my life(x8).

Songs played in the last 5 minutes:

1) Red hot chili peppers- Rollercoaster of love
2) the bravery- the ocean

Yesterday after I had found out I was in complete in denial, so I drove to panda express after work and got lo mein and sobe to mope like a loner at the Chinese franchise. Then I drove to kyles house and we went to the library to pick up his cd's and to borders for coffee and hot chocolate. I got a hot chocolate with the works and he got a black coffee(of course). I picked up this months issue of some sweet looking phsycology zine and started reading it since that's what I want to major in someday. I hope I don't change my mind.

We went back to his house after borders and decided to watch the prestige, i'd never seen it before but I had seen the illusionist. They're both really good. It was a nice night.

But still I'm upset on the heath ledger whole thing though. I kind of don't even want to talk about it. I can smell the juicy couture perfume that Paulina got me while I'm typing this, and it smells really nice. But I'm super bummed, so its not a good combo.

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